5 Tips to Improve Your Ranking on Google

Today’s world is full of uncertainty as we all know. One thing that is certain is that people will continue to find what they are looking for by searching for it on Google.com right? If you want are not getting the leads and sales you want coming to your business, it’s probably gonna have something to do with your business not showing up on the first page of Google in a search for what you have to offer. So if you want to improve your chances of getting to the holy grail of search then keep reading as we cover some quick and easy steps you can take to rank better in Google Search. Remember Search Engine Optimization brings you non-stop organic traffic that wants what you have to sell.

Tip 1: Claim Your GMB (Google My Business) Account

Yes, this is step is number one especially if you have a physical business address and your customers can come to

you and get your product or service. In order to claim this account, you will need to first go to Google Business

Dream Rocket Design Google My Business Dashboard.
Google My Business Dashboard

This account will take your business to a better place on google, starting with the Map Pack, this is where your

business can be found when a customer does a local search for services or products in their area. It looks like the

picture below. I know this is familiar to you because I’m sure you have used the Map Pack to contact a business that

you needed to get services or products from.

Picture of a Google Search Map Pack
The Map Pack on Google Search

Once you get to the link above sign in to your google email account and claim your business. If it is not listed then fill

out all of the forms needed and upload your pics of your business. Don’t forget to get your review link. Copy it and

save it somewhere that you can get back to it. Drop it in your email signature and in any Social Media Posts that you

would like to ask for reviews in.

Things to make sure you do.

  • Make sure your Business Name, Address, and Phone Number are correct.
  • Add at least good pics of your business , services and or products.
  • Set your self as the owner of the account.
  • Login to your GMB account and update things monthly, add photos, add some Questions and Answers etc.

These things will let google know that your business is still alive and ready to serve the searchers looking for you.

Tip 2: Show Engagement with Your Google My Business account by posting Social Media updates, Special Offers and Upcoming Events.

Google loves it when you send fresh content its way and what better way to show that you are all about that content

than posting all of your latest business happenings straight to your GMB account. Yes, this is a must if you want to

get that Ranking Up. So let’s do this!

Things to make sure you do.

  • Login to your GMB account and click on the Posts menu icon in the left menu. Post something Amazing!
  • Make sure you put this on your calendar. Google keeps these posts for 7 Days only so make it a habit.
  • Build your brand by posting and engaging with your audience on your GMB account.

You are building Great Trust with your customers when you tackle this step.

Tip 3: Manage Your Online Reputation

If you value your customers like we know you do. Listen to them and respond to what they have to say about your

company. Good or bad you will come out on top! Why, because Google is watching every review given by a

customer on your Google My Business Account. So if you respond to a positive or negative review you look good. If

you don’t respond Google will think you have abandoned your account and maybe your business. So down the

Ranks, you go.

Things to make sure you do.

  • Make sure you are generating new reviews with every interaction you make with existing clients.
  • Build a review request system that gets these reviews on auto-pilot for your company.

This is how you stay on top with google. When people are interested Google takes note and makes sure other

people can find what you have to offer.

Tip 4: Utilize SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Right Away

Don’t hesitate on this step. Your online presence can’t afford to not get organic targeted traffic to your website so it

can convert those leads into sales. SEO is what makes this happen. Search Engine Optimization can be a very

complicated process. But it is perhaps the most cost-effective way to get better leads to your site that keeps

coming in even when you have reached the first page of Google and stop optimizing for a while.

Let’s face it, no one will ever click over to the second page to find your business. For one they know that if you are

not on the first page you are probably not going to be a good fit to help them with their problem.

You have to get to the front page. There are 3 ways to make this happen.

  1. The Map Pack, we talked about that ealier. You can get there by pimping out your Google My Business Page right.
  2. Google Ads, Yes this is a way to get on the front page but it’s gonna cost ya alot more than getting SEO started.
  3. Organic Search, this is perhaps the most cost effective and sound way to get on the first page. It might take a minute like 4 to 6 months but once you are on the front page it’s pretty hard to move you unless your competitors optimize more.

So please do your business a favor get with your Webmaster, Web designer, or Marketing Agency, and if you haven’t

already told them. Tell them you want the SEO and you want it right now!

Shameless Plug, Dream Rocket Design can help you with your SEO!

Tip 5: Make sure your website is up to date and has a SSL Certificate

You may already have this step covered. But just in case, you will need these things done to maximize your chances

at better search rankings. You see, Google crawls the web in search of whatever someone is searching for in this

world of online stores and services. So if you want to get a good scan or crawl do these things

  1. Make sure you have a valid SSL certificate for your domain name. Most of the Webhosting service usually provide a free one. Just look for the lock on the left side of the browser url input. ( The place that you type in a web address).
  2. Make sure your website is up to date.
    • Meaning the latest design concepts date in the footer is this year or from your companies start year to this year.
    • You have updated content relative to you customers needs today.
    • Your business address, phone number, and contact email are correct and your clients can contact you.

Well, that’s it. If you do these 5 steps you will have no problem getting to the top of any of your customer’s searches.

Stay tuned for more of tips and help getting your company to where you want it to be!

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