Covid-19 FAQ

Dream Rocket Design ‘s operations continue but phone, email and chat response times may be longer than usual.


Last updated on Sept. 13, 2021

You can learn more about Dream Rocket Design ‘s policies and general information about COVID-19 below:


Current and New Customers:

Email Response Time-


Phone Response Time-


Chat Response Time-


Current Customers- Ticketing System: 


For guidance on Coronavirus precautions, please refer to the World Health Organization website .

100% satisfaction

General Questions:

1- What is Dream Rocket Design  doing to keep customers and employees safe?

We prioritize the safety and health of our employees and have invested to provide a safe workplace, which is why at the onset of the pandemic we moved quickly to make more than 50 COVID-19 related process changes—from enhanced cleaning and social distancing measures to supplying personal protective gear such as masks and gloves. We’ve implemented temperature checks and disinfectant spraying.

  1. How can I help those impacted by COVID-19?

Some of the ways you can help include donating to Feeding America, the American Red Cross, and Save the Children. Or, just ask: “Alexa, make a donation to Feeding America COVID-19 Response.”

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